Timesheet Management Portal is an automated and streamlined timesheet management activities enabling employees/consultants to take control of their own timesheets. This portal significantly simplifies timesheet management practices.

Portal enabled employees or consultants deployed at various client places to quickly key in working hours, task/project details and send it for approvals. Timesheet management portal simplifies the process of submission, tracking and approvals of timesheets submitted by the consultants.

It captures the billable and non-billable time details pertaining to each unique project. Consultant can key in information related to each individual task and provide notes or descriptions required. Also portal enables users to generate summary reports, status reports and working hour reports corresponding to each individual project/consultant. Users can quickly generate weekly and monthly reports of particular consultant/project and make use for payroll purposes.

Real-time tracking and monitoring of billable and non-billable time helps in better understanding of projects, resulting in effective management of working hours, projects and clients. Consultant working on more than one project simultaneously, can add second project to timesheet and key in corresponding billable and non-billable hours.

File attachment option is provided in timesheet to enable consultant to attach (No restriction on file type) files with project or task descriptions in it and submit for approval. Portal enables designated manager to quickly review, edit and reject the timesheets submitted by the consultants.