The hardest thing in the business, as they say, is finding the right guy for the right job in the right time. Recruitment is one of the most important core functions of any organization that consumes a lot of time, effort and energy of HR staff. RIMS, as the name suggests, is a comprehensive recruitment data management system that helps you manage and streamline a range of recruitment operations. It maintains all the information related to recruitment and manages voluminous data like invoices, consultant timesheets and costs to the company with role privileges, etc.

RIMS delivers a reliable performance in :
  • Maintenance and tracking of recruiters calls and submitted resumes
  • Maintenance and tracking of submission of consultant resumes to companies
  • Maintenance and tracking of consultant timesheets
  • Maintenance and tracking of invoices
  • Maintenance of consultant expenses details and thereby the total cost to the company
  • Maintenance of audit logs for each of the above mentioned features
RIMS helps to quicken the turnaround time, save time of HR staff, reduce operating costs and bring unmatched benefits of computerization of the key data in recruitment processes.