This is an online scheduling system designed to assist members in booking doctor’s appointment at his or her convenience; to provide information about the required documentation and especially to reduce waiting periods in the rush hours there by providing greater flexibility in scheduling the date of the appointment. The requirements to utilize the online service are minimal and include an Internet browser and a printer to print appointment confirmation.

The two key customers of Portal are Members (Patients) and Providers (Doctors) and the key services provided by Portal is, Members and Providers shall able to make online appointment. Only registered users can access the application, Providers should be registered with NPI and member should register with at least one Payor.

Its features include :
  • Based on NPI ID, provider business organization information will be captured and stored.
  • Provision to include provider available dates and hours.
  • Provider vacation or leaves can be included with prior notice and accordingly the appointments will be scheduled or rescheduled.
  • Option to confirm or decline an appointment.
  • Provider who is an office manager has an option to add office manager and office staff.
  • Appointment reminders according to Provider choice (i.e., SMS, mail and frequency) will be sent.
  • Option to browse the provider profile and specialty Information.
  • If no medical claim policy for the member until now, option to register to medical Payor is provided.
  • Booking appointment at flexible time and date with Payor authentication details.
  • Option to reschedule and cancel an appointment.
  • All old history of appointments will be maintained.
  • Provision to enter his/ her Medications, Allergies, Surgeries, Diseases and dental history.
  • For all female members, provision to enter their various problems.
  • Appointment reminders according to Member choice (i.e., SMS, mail and frequency) will be sent.
Office Staff
  • Booking appointment according to available timeslots of Provider.
Tracking of Medications, Allergies, Surgeries, Diseases, Women only and dental history of Members.