Its features include:
  • Help Desk
  • ESS and MSS
  • Account Payables
  • Account Receivables
  • HRMS
  • Recruitment Portal

Purpose of the Help Desk system is to create an online ticketing management system which every employee will use to record grievances and receive resolutions. Help Desk will be carefully administered by a moderator who will assign and route the issues to appropriate personnel and ensure that the resolutions are sent to the originator. The ticketing system will also measure the SLA from the issues originating time to closure and also the performance of the person who has resolved it.

ESS (Employee Self Service) portal is aimed at empowering the employee with as much information as possible at the click of a button that arms the employee with information concerning with every aspect of his employment. MSS (Manager Self Service) portal is for the managers to attend the issues raised by their team members/sub-ordinates. Approvals/ permissions/ confidential appraisals/leave automation/provision of support is available in the MSS.

Account Payables is the Comprehensive vendor management and analysis. Financial approvals, Automation of payments calendar for recurring payments, Alerts & Notifications for Pending Payments.

Goal of the Account Receivables is to get payments in time. In order to receive payments in time, there are a lot of checks and enough documentation that needs to be in order before an invoice gets raised. AR system ensures that every bit of workflow is addressed online, thus reducing multiple entries and also reducing dependencies.

The online HRMS will be able to track the complete lifecycle of the HR system right from advertising a vacant position to the full and final settlement of the employee, after he/she exits.

Recruitment portal will allow the BDMs to post the requirements from clients directly. The requirements will then be viewed by the team lead of recruitments and then accordingly assigned to the recruiter who is supposed to source profiles from various sources. Each submission by the recruiter is tracked in real time without the need of a functional head and uploads the same information in the tracker and the status of each submission is marked online and is available for tracking the SLA.

Its features include:
  • Finger print or biometric machines based attendance reports
  • Daily / weekly / monthly attendance reports
  • SMS / e-mail alerts on late comings, leaves and permissions
  • Option for shifts
  • Automatic Salary calculations
  • Online access provided for all employees
  • Report of LOPs/ SL/PL/VL/CL
  • Automatic Pay slips generation every month
  • Online Leave requests and permissions
  • Option of Exemptions to few employees
  • Provision to add / edit holiday lists
  • Remote management of all branches